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Public cloud services will be a $204bn market in 2016

The public cloud services market will rise in 2016 and is expected to grow its worth to $204 billion (£142bn), up from $175bn (£122bn) in 2015, Gartner has reported. more


Public Cloud Market To Hit £140bn In 2016

Gartner backs other research showing explosive growth of public cloud sales more


Vendors Sell More Public Cloud Than Private Cloud Infrastructure

Latest IDC figures point to continued faith in public cloud as sales grow 25.9 percent in the third quarter of 2015 more


DataCentred Broadens Customer Base With Versutus OpenStack IaaS Deal

UK OpenStack provider dishes out IaaS to disaster recovery firm with partnership that sees DataCentred get a little data virtualisation love in return more


Dating apps -- the good the bad and the ugly

It's coming up to Valentine's Day, so inevitably the IT industry turns its thoughts towards dating apps. Two new reports show that the apps may not be living up to expectations, and that users of them could be revealing more than they intend to. more


EU commissioner Oettinger at the release of the first CloudScout report

EU Commisioner Oettinger saw the release of the very first CloudScout report at the DsIN partner event in Berlin this week. The report compares adoption and use of cloud services by small businesses in Germany and Spain based on data collected from the European CloudScout. more


5 Top Tips: How To Share Files Securely In The Cloud

Kris Lahiri, CSO at Egnyte, reveals his top tips for enterprises looking to harness the cloud for file sharing and increased collaboration with internal and external users, without sacrificing security more


Press Release: CloudWATCH1 Results - Helping Europe gear up its strategy for secure, trusted and interoperable clouds

Cloud computing has now reached a point where it is truly accessible to all types of organisations and pretty much a staple in the start-up culture, radically reducing the barriers to entry in any sector. While it’s a winning move for businesses, work still needs to be done on making the cloud more agile and flexible through open standards as the real leveller and enabler in this sense. more


European standardisation process ain't broke, so don’t fix it

As Gunther Oettinger, sits down to discuss standards during his trip to the US this week, Paul Meller explains why Europe’s approach to this important topic does not need a massive overhaul. more


When Is SaaS Right For Your Business?

With the proliferation of cloud computing, SaaS could be a good option for your business, but it’s not for everyone. Ian Finlay, COO, Abiquo, discusses how to tell if it’s right for you more


Cloud computing and the true future of networks

Cloud computing, network virtualization and on-demand technology services are changing how we think about IT. more


How the cloud is changing the role of IT admins

The shifting of systems to the cloud has an effect on many areas of the enterprise, not least IT. The role of IT professionals is beginning to enter new territory. more
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