Manchester’s Datacentred, open source cloud provider and purveyor of G Cloud, has partnered with a data storage virtualisation and disaster recovery company called Versutus, ready to dish out its ARM-powered OpenStack IaaS platform to Versutus’ business customers.

A win, it seems, for DataCentred, which not only now reaches a broader range of FTSE to SME customers reportedly served by Versutus but also gets to dish out Versutus’ copy data virtualisation, data back-up and disaster recovery solution ’vCloud’.


Akin to giving your PC a good defragmenting, Versutus’ vCloud works by freeing up unused capacity in computing, releasing data from legacy physical infrastructure, and also recovering data – from a file to full production-data.

DataCentred boss Mike Kelly called Versutus’ product “best in class”, and said his firm is delighted to be able to give Versutus a UK-built OpenStack IaaS offering in return.

“By broadening our range of services to include Versutus’ vCloud, our own customers will benefit from a high-speed data recovery service, whether it be a file, database or production environment across a single platform with multiple functionality,” said Kelly.

“With data storage becoming increasingly difficult for enterprises to manage, Versutus has succeeded in reducing costs, eliminating complexity and breaking down operational barriers and we look forward to working with Versutus to deliver this solution to our customer base.”

Some of DataCentred existing clients include the London School of Economics, Lancaster University and Helix Nebula, the European open science cloud platform.

Source: TechWeek