Date: 27 March 2014 at 8:30 starting with registration

Location: Austria Trend hotel Ljubljana (Dunajska cesta 154, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia)

The participation in this event is free but pre-registration is necessary.

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Introduction to Cloud computing
Cloud introduction, setting stage and bring everybody to the agenda
a. Where it all begun
b. Myths and facts

c. History
d. CC needs in the region and current state of technology, usage and trends

Business perspective
A lecture intended for business people, decision makers, opinion makers. Highly interactive and much less technical, focus on business needs, risks, costs, support and overall added value. There is also an emphasis on helping to choose the best approach based on the business needs.
a. Business needs
b. Business types and verticals
c. Business perception
d. Key issues and challenges
e. Provider or consumer
f. Legal, RACI and SLA
g. Support
h. Reporting and dissemination
i. Costs, ROI, TCO and Elasticity
j. Data security, data exchange
k. Standardization and provider change
l. Common parameters and key differentiators
m. Overview of available platforms

Personal perspective
Lecture on the impact of cloud computing as an individual. How cloud can impact individuals operations, involves change, self support, digital marketplace.
a. Changes in operations
b. New skills and potentials
c. NLP
d. Challenges
e. Support and learning

Best practices
Presentation of solutions and issues with certain business verticals; approach, risks and resolution
a. Public sector (government)
b. Private sector (different verticals)
c. Personal sector (solutions for personal usage)

Practical demonstration of the available technology and services along with other related technology.
a. Practical demonstration of different types of cloud types
b. Private/hybrid cloud demonstration with additional infrastructure
c. Public services


Round table discussion
Consultation on the vailablity, price/performance, risk mitigation and other business parameters when using cloud services and infrastructure. A special consideration towards current market situation and availability on local and global markets.

Workshop is international and will be lectured in English.

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