Paris is aiming to become the European capital of cloud computing this year by gathering more than 4,000 IT influencers, decision makers and experts together for the first ever Cloud Week Paris, a conference that is claiming to change the way we think about the cloud.
Set to be held from July 6-10, Cloud Week Paris promises a conference designed for everyone in the cloud space, from engineers to CIOs.

Impact the future of cloud 

Pierre-José Billotte, President of Eurocloud France, the industry body behind the event, told TechWeekEurope: “We wanted to create something very large, something that would attract everybody and have impact on the future of cloud. This is what Cloud Week is about.”
Billotte said that the problem with cloud conferences at the moment is that there is simply too much to cover. From the Internet of Things to storage to data centres, it is admittedly hard to always blanket everything with enough detail to warrant the cost of a conference ticket.
But Billotte added that the conference will effectively cover all angles and attempt to answers questions about the future of cloud.

“It’s is a global issue,” he said. “If we want to be part of the future, then we must think globally, and think about all aspects of the cloud. This is a unifying event.”

Partners include big players such as IBM, Intel and Cisco, and the conference will feature workshops and presentations visionaries at Microsoft, Fujitsu and AXA Bank. The conference will also hold sessions on smart cities, agile networks and safety in the cloud. The event kicks off on July 6 with a panel discussing “what is the vision of Cloud Computing within 10 years?”
You can can find out more about the event here and register to attend the event here.
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