The Commission will:

Propose a European free flow of data initiative

The aim is to promote free movement of data in the European Union. The initiative will tackle restrictions to data location and access to encourage innovation. The Commission will also launch a European Cloudinitiative, covering certification, switching of cloud service providers and a research cloud (see Cloud Computing contracts )

Define priorities for standards and interoperability

The Commission will concentrate on standards and interoperability critical areas to the Digital Single Market, such as health, transport, planning and energy.

Find out what are the concerns of European citizens regarding the Cloud:

Support an inclusive digital society

An inclusive digital society is one where citizens have the right skills to seize the opportunities of the digital world and boost their chance of getting a job.

A new e-government plan will also connect business registers across Europe, ensure different national systems can work together, and that businesses and citizens have to put their data "once only" to public administrations. The "once only" measure will potentially save around €5 billion per year by 2017.

See the Commission priority on the Digital Single Market.


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